25-02-21 Kingsley: Violin

Thursday 25th February 2021

With Erroll working today and me in tutorials I’m ever so pleased we made the decision that Kingsley should take private violin class each Thursday after school. Buys me 40 minutes to get to school and today I needed it. Plus it was raining all day, though cleared just in time to fetch our big boy.

So thrilled and joyful Kingsley appears inside the school gate so little but s big boy holding his violin case. Immediately I provide refreshments to him: milk and sour dough bread. We’re off now to fetch Elektra from daycare and he’s quite excited about the prospect!

And sure enough it is Kingsley who elbows his way to the front door bends down and allows Elektra to toddle into his big brother arms. She glows! He is the proudest big bro!

All three of us wander home an hour of walking me of course carrying Kingsley’s violin, school bag and pushing the double pram which is packed with groceries (Kingsley wanted choc chip cookies from Coles; I wasn’t prepared to fight it!).

On the way home down Alison Rd when the 374 buses couldn’t take us due to the pram, an elderly couple stop us to marvel at the twins. They speak a word of Greek to a one another and so begins 10 minutes of great dialogue Kingsley beyond impressive with his genuine Greek greetings, the couple amazed acknowledge the young λεβέντη. Out of the old man’s cardigan pockets he produces three Roses chocolates individually wrapped one for each child. And after even more chat mostly from a beaming Kingsley clearly happy to practice his Greek the old lady whips out her wallet, finds $10 note and stuffs it into Kingsley’s hand!

So joyful and generous making the world a happy place! Kingsley thanks them both hugs them tightly and farewells them promising to knock on their door (224 Alison Rd) one day.