31-07-18 Dr. Λάμπρου

Tuesday 31st July 2018

An innocent yet irritating night time cough for the past fortnight has developed into something chesty overnight. So we are off to the fantastic paediatrician Dr. Ioånna Λάμπρου just up the road, much to mum’s relief since she is forever alarmed at Linus consistently coughing hard at 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the morning. Even I capitulated; agreeing to fix a time to consult her. And aren’t we all happy we did: what a gem of a doc!

Kingsley is her biggest fan: Dr. Λάμπρου administered no injections yet demonstrated how the body has ‘two drums’: one on the chest and one on the tummy. ‘We have a third: in the ear’, the patient corrects. Well didn’t we all fall about astounded, praise heaped on the clever child. We do indeed, the good doctor confirmed.

Diagnosis – no nasty red throat, but enlarged tonsils. A bacteria in the lungs. That cough needs some help to be undone so the prescription is zithromax once daily for 3 days + clenbutetol 8.5ml twice daily for a week. Antibiotic plus a beta-2-agonist which activate β adrenergic receptors leading to relaxation of smooth muscle in the lung, and dilation and opening of the airways.

See you for our follow-up appointment on Friday, doc.

Thorough examination with endless questions from the patient.

Playing in the waiting room