14-03-18 Dubai to Brisbane

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Magnificent flight! Kingsley sleep 9 hours straight laying on his comfy business class pillow on his belly cuddling that pillow while I get kicked nonstop. But no complaints; we’ve got 4 seats to stretch out on. First of all may i comment on how calm and easy a traveling child he is. Our seats only are his domain other than visiting the galley for water (once) and the toilets (three times). Other than those small ventures he’s satisfied on our seats.

Straight after take off he asks for games then after dinner he asks for tv shows then once cabin lights are dimmed we hit nirvana: He asks to be put to bed!

We wake just on time for pizza of which he eats both of ours, playing with a curly haired blonde boy Felix for the next hour over breakfast…then we land!