Full Time Mumma: Longest Holiday Ever!

Monday 9th March 2015

In exactly eight hours the Dubai Family Hartley will be at Dubai International Airport eating melted cheese wraps for breakfast and pacing the tiles / chasing the child till we board our fourteen hour flight which will take us to Brisbane.

Its midnight, and right now inside our messy apartment soundly sleeps Kingsley, mine and the boy’s luggage is packed and all that needs doing is for us to wait for Erroll to arrive safely from his layover in Mauritius. He will be remarkably quick, and efficient, in his repacking methodology having done this literally hundreds of times before. Out with used attire, in with fresh t-shirts and shorts for Oz.

I am a little jittery; I always am with the prospect of travel. Its not the air journey which bothers me; on the contrary for without fail my experiences on board are tied up with encounters of comfort and pleasure, fun and adventure. Plus, Erroll will be sharing toddler-chasing duties (read: I will get to nap!) Its more to do with expectations of when I land: it will be non stop party time. Am exhausted just thinking about applying makeup each and every day for my appearances as the Middle East ex-pat. But who the devil cares??!! For this little family is now about to have the longest holiday ever…



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