17-01-20 Keanu: Flying with Oma

Friday 17th January 2020

Well here’s a notable first: Keanu accompanies Oma to Bangalow on his first plane trip. The trip came as a surprise and arranged only yesterday when we visited Annamiek in Artarmon. Oma suggested he come up for a week over our fruit platter, I didn’t have any objections, Erroll sat on the phone placed on hold to staff travel for 45 minutes then the answer we were waiting for: yes!

So today I pack his wee case for a week with Oma. All his medicine, lots of clothing, plenty of food and milk to tide our little champ over till dinnertime tonight at Oma’s. My great fear is Keanu going hungry even if for 15 minutes. And I know how content he is with a bottle in his mouth.

So now he’s packed off to Oma’s, showered and fresh, well fed from his eggs, chicken casserole and mango puree at breakfast. There’s no denying it a little bit if me is forlorn but another part of me is so happy he’ll experience his loving Oma.