29-12-17 Learning about Baby Jesus

Friday 29th December 2017

Its the second Friday we’ve gone to Church, which means the second time Kingsley has attended the Gatekeepers Kids Club…and he loves it. Two full hours among little people taught by teachers drawing, singing, playing, making…and today learning about Baby Jesus. Its all a mystery what the kids get up to in Kids Club however when I picked the little man up at 1:15 pm he was 1) reluctant to leave the classroom; 2) hanging out with little people like they’re his best friends; 3) thrust a picture in my hands and yelled look mummà its the baby JESUS! 

I of course the shrieking mum that I am swept the child in my arms and kissed him at least ten times. His teachers clapped and cheered. In farewells, Kingsley hugged and kissed his teachers with promises of ‘see you next week’.

To celebrate his learning all about baby Jesus (and even pointing him out in pictures) we head to Satwa Park for a picnic. All the way the child was humming a tune. He seemed high and happy; couldn’t make out any of the lyrics…then one emerged: the angels! Our lamb learned a song about the angels today. Got so weepy I actually chased him about the park for hugs.

Wonder what he’ll learn at church school next week?