Kingsley: Supermumma

Wednesday 16th July 204

Hallelujah your father has returned home today from a long layover in Sydney. Now I do not have to run myself into the ground attempting to play Superparent all by myself: you know how it plays, Kingsley – the morning military operation to get both of us out the door fed, clean, dressed, groomed, bags properly packed, enough milk pumped and stored, enough solids in small containers, nappies, bonjela, changes of outfits and other accessories you seem to need for a day at nursery all neatly piled in one bag.

The other bag I carry is just as important: our pool bag stuffed with towels, swimwear and of course the camera, for most afternoons we take to the pool. Now, today, we have your father to help out. I can therefore actually enjoy you rather that merely schlep you from one location to the next. By far our favourite place to be each day after nursery is the rooftop pool. We do love a swim especially in this stifling summer heat. Today at 4PM your father met us there, and immediately took over the baby wrangling. Superwoman cape fell off with ease, and all I played this entire afternoon was your loving supermumma.

After nursery comes swimming

After nursery each day comes swimming.

Pool & Iftar 011

When Kingsley gets cranky, I cop it in the face.

Pool & Iftar 012a

We neither of us can handle the steaming humidity of a Dubai summer.

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