12-02-20 Twins: DJ Elektra

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Exquisite reprieve arrives from the intense stress of having the 3 kiddies day and night: Erroll is here and shall remain till Sunday afternoon! So I take Elektra, he takes Keanu and Kingsley finally goes to Chess (which he jigged yesterday).

From 10am Elektra is in the buggy sleeping off her dose of Claratine (mozzies still love her blood) and she remains passes out till precisely 12:30 when we enter the school gates to find Kingsley and chaperone him to Chess Club.

Of course Elektra is very popular at the school among Kingsley’s first grade buddies especially Evelyn and Peter and Miss Pam Panousis who spent her lunchtime enjoying the view of Elektra wearing her DJ earphones.