07-01-21 Kingsley: Masks On Sydney

Thursday 7th January 2021

All day I battle Kingsley for the use of this damn phone. He’s loving the games while I’m insisting he reads. Its good leverage this phone: obsessed with playing apps I’m genuinely worried his abilities with reading, writing and arithmetic will go to seed if I am not the phone guardian.

And it works: alongside playing games he reads proudly in fact showing me what he’s completed by adding the done book to our bookshelf the one dedicated to housing all the books he’s read.

We do other things too today apart from arguing over phones and books: after the babies take their afternoon nap three of us escape Coogee bound for Bondi Junction. Of course I forget my mask avd it’s mandatory wearing by law! Our bus driver shows clemency invites us on board at my promise to procure a mask at our destination.

And procure a mask I do! At the Dojo Kingsley is deposited, I apologise for forgetting his belt, he drinks all his water before class starts, Jinny gives me a mask and I go about shopping with my mask on and glasses fogging up.

Tonight is night #3 of Linus cosying up to Γιαγιά for sleep.