20-10-17 Greek Heatwave

Friday 20th October 2017

After school we strip off and play soccer on the beach. Its hot. No wonder the coast is packed with people swimming. We join them in the refreshing Saronic Gulf waters. Its the child’s beloved activities – to swim unaided in the sea. He recieves applause from neighbours such as Mrs. Soula (who promptly applaudes me for leaving Kingsley’s trunks off – so as to let some sun on his bum – but later advises me to never allow him to sit on the sand without trunks. He still sits on the sand nudie styles despite the advice (which neither of us Hartleys heed).

Later in the afternoon Kingsley gets his wish – to visit the abandoned house on the headland. Its been his favourite ‘ancient house’ of 2017. We visit often enough. Its blazing heatwaves. Wandering around the cliffs we poke sea urchins with sticks and discover salt pans. All afternoon promises are made concerning what fun things we’ll show Erroll when he joins us in a fortnight. Then he skypes us from Warsaw and the countdown till he arrives begins!