08-05-19 Kingsley: Award

Wednesday 8th May 2019

A letter to Nashville:

Hi Pa-Paw and Granna,

We have sone news to boast about.
Lets begin with Kingsley:
Yesterday he received an Award in front of the entire student body of Coogee Public School, for excellence in Maths (!!). He’s terrific at conceptualizing numbers, for example how to generate the ‘teen’ number.

I only found out about it this arvo at the school when his bestie Alex tells his mum and I that ‘at assembly today Kingsley received an award and Mr. Townsend called him up to the stage to receive it. I CLAPPED AND CHEERED!’ Alex just delivered the happiest news of our week!

Next-he excelled recently at the skill and discipline of his chosen martial art, Jiu-jitsu, and earned his second stripe. Two more stripes and he goes up a belt. In fact his Sensai is encouraging Kingsley to represent the Dojo at an upcoming Jiu-jitsu competition.

Now to the other side of your 7th grandchild: he cannot FOCUS nor maintain ATTENTION. He wants to wrestle everyone. But he’s loving, big-hearted, shares his things, enjoys the company of others…but likes to wrestle them!

Love the Hartley 5 x