05-02-21 Kingsley: Picking up from School

Friday 5th February 2021

Had a chat with Miss Seltin this afternoon to see how Kingsley is behaving and reacting to her teaching methods. Been only a week however I wanted to get a sense from his new teacher how she runs her classroom. And she seems very pleased Kingsley is in her class saying that he’s very good and has a lot of love. She appreciated the 4 bottles of pump action antibacterial but moreso her present and card the candle supreme. I told her that Kingsley chose the sniff.

We skipped away thereafter joining Jerome and his mum Vanessa as we four travelled toward Coogee Beach. Kingsley asks me to hurry up, lets join Jerome mum! So we jog and join them. Both parties are headed to Woolies and it is agreed that the kids can have an icecream just as long as the conditions are met. Kingsley explained the conditions to his buddy once inside Woolies and they were staring at the various boxes of icecream.

He starts: the icecream must be on sale. It must be high quality…Kingsley relays to Jerome. I start up the same line of reasoning. ‘told you so!’ Kingsley says to Jerome. And they finally agree to honeycomb Magnum, as do the babies. All 4 kids enveloped in deliciousness and all four very quiet!