11-10-20 Twins: Lavender Bay Walk

Sunday 11th October 2020

As a thank you to Marcus for flipping burgers at the twins’ Baby Disco six months later we take him to Luna Park. We meet at 10:30am already the sun blazing and our harbour sparkling the three boys rush in to ride every single amusement that can be crammed into 5 hours. Zennia and I bid them farewell for today we explore on foot Lavender Bay. We eat oranges while Elektra sleeps and a wired Keanu watches a bush Turkey scratch the ground.

Lavender Bay is spectacular: sparkling harbour, a foreshore perfect for picnics, pathways ideal for walking, sculptures along the way. The babies enjoy the north side as much as I do; rarely are we on Milsons Point but after today I vow to come here more often especially since the ferry takes 5 minutes to get to Circular Quay. Elektra still asleep, Keanu giving me anxiety because he fights the nap. And I know exactly when he’ll sleep: when Erroll picks us up. Keanu will pass out then; in his seat.

And sure enough at 5 Erroll fetches us three at Bondi Junction, the babies babble for 5 minutes then lights out. Off to the land of nod. A blessed hour asleep in the car then up for icecream. Magnum no less. Won’t eat dinner but feeds herself Magnum…