15-06-20 Elektra: Stoop

Monday 15th June 2020

By far one of Elektra’s favourite things to do is – once the battle of getting dressed is over finally – to go choose her basket du jour, thread it through her arm, bend the elbow and fill it with an assortment of toys, pens and whatever fits in before toddling to the sunny kitchen and if screen door is open, gingerly step down and view the works from there: her low step, or stoop.

Here the cat watches Elektra from her high vantage point, bemused at this little person actually sounding out the ‘pssspss pss’ sound we all make to lure her to eat. From here Elektra purses her plump lips together and makes the sound, then stretches out her arm, presses three fingers together and wiggles them about as she calls for Dorothea to come down to her.