24-05-20 Kingsley: Lachie Playdate #2

Sunday 24th May 2020

You two are chaos personified! Today you tip over and empty every single box of LEGO (and I’m talking huge plastic storage boxes) onto the balcony off your bedroom. Thousands of pieces everywhere and so many falling over the balcony too! Its only when Lachie’s mum Nikki comes over after 6pm that we all set about picking up the pieces. An hour later and they’re still everywhere! You two fight over the dustpan (both want the black one, not the blue one; go figure) then cry and scream then Keanu starts eating the LEGO and I call time out. Time for a post Playdate icecream on the other balcony, off the kitchen. Here we all sit civilised eating κουλουράκια and icecream speculating when the boys will have their next get together (Kingsley insists its to be before 2 weeks pass; Lachie wants it to be in 11 days). Meanwhile Erroll comes home from Melbourne with the news that Taronga Zoo is reopening in June! That’s got Playdate written all over it!