01-06-16 Aunty Mika Pregnant

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Wonderful news to wake to: Kingsley will be getting a baby girl cousin come December 12! It’s what I have been praying for-little cousins to grow up together, and best news for Mika and Jimmy. Erroll will be an uncle and I could tell in his voice the pure happiness. Me too. For us all. I had a spring in my step all day, and I kind of new Annamiek was preggo when saw her three times in Sydney. She refused booze when I offered to our some at Casa Coogee.

To today’s events: hearty breakfast (2 eggs,2 buttery toast, orange, milk) necessary because we swim at Micró Limanáki and till 3 we are out of the house. Trick I will use all coming week: prepare two bread n butter sandwiches for the buggy ride home. K was finishing it all as we coasted to the perîptero for a magnum piravlâki which he too demolishes, then smears all over himself. So under protest, he is showered. It’s necessary. The buggy I will have professionally cleaned. It’s fully choc-coated.

Our usual picnic on the balcony proceeds – olives, cucumber, sausage, paximáthia. Then lights out. Up for play ground with his mate Fîvos.