10-10-17 Podösfero: The Beautiful Game

Tuesday 10th October 2017

A letter I wrote to Oma, Aunty Mika and Daddy today…


This afternoon straight after preschool our little champ attended his first trial at a football academy, and LOVED IT!

For just over an hour two coaches took the region’s footballer kiddies born in ’12 and ’13 into skill building and listening to instructions while manoevering the ball.

Kingsley’s all over the field and his concentration strays and he bloodywell picks up the football with his HANDS!! And all the tiny kids tell him he mustn’t touch the ball with his hands unless he is goalkeeper. (On the plus side he’s got a strong and steady kick that rarely misses the ball.)

For goal practice Coach made Kingsley goalkeeper… and he politely allowed all the kiddies to SCORE. Not once did he bloodywell try to touch / stop the ball with his hands. He then yelled GOALLLLL after each ball in the net, and clapped for each and every shooter. (At that point I ttansformed into SOCCER MUM and muffled my own voice on the sidelines.)

Needless to say Kingsley enjoyed his first taste of football (I did too) and when asked by Head Coach Andrěa whether he’d like to play again, Kingsley nodded and replied YES. So to Podösfero we shall come this Thursday at 4.

Love The Soccer Mum