28-11-16 Old Hickory Lake

Monday 28th November 2016

Ryan takes the day off to take us boating on Old Hickory Lake with the promise of a tasty lunch at the Marina on the other side. Its an extraordinary day for boating: blue skies, no cutting wind, calm waters. Kingsley is of course ordered to put a life jacket on and he complies…only cause its uncle Ryan to tells him to do so. But none of us have luck in convincing the boy to sit in his seat. He is everywhere, much to our horror. Paw-Paw is obliged to keep him from flying out of the boat with a strong grip. It works for a while then…he needs to do a wee! Off come his breeches, Paw-Paw holds him at an angle out of the boat and out flows the wee at an impressive speed and trajectory.

The cows padding around the lake’s shores are clueless but we all fall about laughing. Soon enough the fresh air and sunshine get to Kingsley and he passes out…on me. Which means the three men go off for lunch at the renowned Sams at the Cove while I stay on the boat with a baby attached to my boob…