01-09-18 Eden Beach Resort

Saturday 1st September 2018

Day 3 of daddy in town. Boys enjoy an al fresco breakfast of rusks dunked in milky coffee and a variety of cheeses all coming from JiaJia’s island. Kingsley literally ordered a coffee from me this morning. No joke. I had to but make him one. Little woglet.

By 12noon we’re en route to the destination Linus has been badgering me to visit: Eden Beach Resort…and I’m so glad we did. The aqua park there in the sea alone is worth the trip *all of 5 minutes / 4 stops from Saronida. For me the fantastic clubber’s music, lounges, umbrellas, showers and facilities made it ideal (plus I actually fell asleep on a lounge under the shade: a first in 4.8 years!).

Highlight was Kingsley yelling out ‘κεφτέδες’ as he slid down the massive inflated slide and into the sea.