04-05-17 Future Rock Star

Thursday 4th May 2017

Its a morning just the two of us since JiaJia Dora stayed in Athens last night. And the future rock star does not disappoint with his willingness to get ready for school today. He’s up before the alarm and hungry for breakfast. Today he asks for his pink apple to kick off our morning ritual which begins at 7am and ends at 8:25am when Mr. Mixăli’s bus pulls up on our street.

What a priceless privelege it is for me to ride with the kiddies on the school bus (today’s lively debate among the three year olds is whether the Lagonīssi Castle is ‘old’ or ‘new’; Kingsley is firmlybon the ‘new’ side). I rode with the kids today since my mind this past week has been on Kingsley’s progress at preschool what with unplugging the telly and me actually engaging him with fun activities. Its with Miss Sophia I’m to meet with at 9:30am (after the week’s school fees are paid) and hear what turns out to be very welcome news on this front.

After a week of dedicated activity time replacing TV viewing Kingsley has become focused on class tasks, is much better able to concentrate on activities, listens more to Miss Ioānna and is enjoying learning in a team environment. That is, the classroom is so much more enjoyable for both Kingsley and his teachers let alone his fellow preschooler classmates.

This afternoon when the school bus drops him to me we enact his day in the classroom (was sent to the ‘thinking chair’ at least twice if not more); with whom he played (Kleănthe, Beppi and Kiryakos); what they enjoyed for breakfast (toasty bread and a glass of milk).

Our future rock star has become a very welcome member of a preschool he himself enjoys attending and since Miss Sophia this morning told me unreservedly he’s welcome to be reenroled I’ll be doing just that during Autumn when we return to Greece.