20-05-20 Twins: Ollie

Wednesday 20th May 2020

The third of the four uni friends we visit with the babies excited and joyful since they nap all the way to Warren Street Ryde to see Daniela Iggy Adrian and Alessia plus their puppy Ollie.

Ollie is the star of the show though Keanu is his side kick up on the trampoline. Pup races round and round up high on the trampoline while Keanu helps and hops on both knees. Elektra is more reserved. She wants to spend time with Alessia.

Both babies go immediately to Zia Dan and whatever she offers them they eat. Elektra’s favourite are sweet flaxseed and chocolate cookies. Keanu can’t get enough of the jambon. I’m obsesses with the Sicilian olives. Elektra smacks her bro frequently. They sit on the small step before the landing eating carrots and celery which Ollie steals away. Everyone is delighted with the three tiny creatures making us all smile.