19-01-21 Kingsley: Louis’ Birthday Activity

Tuesday 19th January 2021

This day Kingsley has been dreaming about: his first Playdate with Louis Collins. We promised Louis for his birthday present a day out with us Hartley styles, and we didn’t disappoint Louis or Kingsley (Mr. Fussy that he is).

Straight after flying trapeze class Kingsley and Erroll collect Louis and bring him to Coogee. Here they have carte Blanche to explore and play. Firstly they shoot hoops while I put the little lady to nap. Then they play off the bedroom balcony then its time for digging dinosaur eggs off the kitchen balcony then its time to go once Elektra wakes up. We’re off to an adventure.

Its Frosty Fruit time so down to Woolies we go then to catch the 373 into town. Louis is shocked and excited that I allow the boys to sit wherever they please while on the bus. He can’t believe it! Kingsley of course wants the back of the bus.

The Australian Museum is open to the public so in we go Elektra insisting she gets out of her pram, Louis instinctively taking her hand. Kingsley points us towards the Egyptian Mummy and the dinosaurs.

The boys wish for something tasty and greasy after splashing in the water feature in front of Hyde Park Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but eventthe slothful security guard telling them ‘get out! Its not a pool…’ didn’t deter their hunger.

I won’t go into McDonalds but I acquiesce to their KFC desires. 3 pieces of chicken, Chips and a water meal combo eaten like Gs on the steps of Town Hall! So grown up!