24-09-19 Twins: Filmjolk

Tuesday 24th September 2019

The kiddies stop crying the moment they’re in the double pram. Pram = adventure in nature; walkues to the beach before school pick up to which I am early for the very first time. Kingsley is shocked in a good way. And all 4 of us are en route to Bondi Junction on the 313.

On board Kingsley will not stop cuddling their sweet faces and soft hair. Both babies only look to big bro! I’m no longer interesting to them! Elektra tries time and again to press the big red button and Kingsley is having none of it.

But we can’t yet go to jiu-jitsu class without loading up on the latest addiction: Swedish Filmjolk the blueberry variety which I fill bottles and those 200ml get drunk very quickly. Kingsley and I share the rest of the bottle.