30-07-17 Meetings

Sunday 30th July 2017

While Erroll tonight was sleeping off an early wake up (4:30am to slink off to our local pub in order to watch a UFC title fight) Kingsley and I headed out to practice his scootering and for me to receive a MUCH NEEDED wax. At the beauticians Kingsley was loved and looked after by the ladies. Thirty minutes later I am fresh and Kingsley’s made new friends. We scooter home via a cute city park our local council just opened. Both parties satisfied-mummà waxed; child running free, out of the house.

That was all this evening. Today however I was out of the house, at a meeting. After waking at the record time of 12noon and heading to our kitchen at 12:15pm my head is all about my meeting with a law firm partner whom I’ve never met before but who contacted me recently on LinkedIn. We’re to meet at 2pm. Kingsley and Erroll are to spend the afternoon together and I head out looking like this…

So out I trot from our bedroom to the living room where the boys are playing. Talk about receiving a fantastic response from both of them! Full of compliments Erroll does a double take and gives me the up and down and with the biggest grin he prompts Kingsley to show his appreciation of Mumma today out of pyjamas, and in a fancy Ralph Lauren dress. Kingsley even without his father’s cue, tells us all that Mumma is lovely and so pretty and he likes Mumma very much.