Jet Lag

18th January 2016

What do Disney-themed sultanas and jet lag have in common? An alert, hungry toddler waking Mumaa at 3am ready to start his day with a handful of the dried fruits as breakfast, that’s what!

It stands to reason: for after three weeks on the east coast of the USA, Kingsley’s third eye thinks day is night, and night is day. East coast is a 9 hour time difference jet lag by the way. It’s gonna be a rough week ahead…

Yes, we are back in Dubai after tearing up three Disney theme parks in Orlando. The sultanas have been the boy’s constant companions through rail, sea, road and air travel. Back on Terra Firma, the Disney sultanas taste even better to this happy traveler who has no idea that breakfast is not usually served in the Hartley household at 3 in the morning…but exceptions will always be made for super cute babies!!!

Eating at all hours: it's jet lag!

Eating at all hours: it’s jet lag!