23-08-20 Twins: Day 3 without Daddy

Sunday 23rd August 2020

A frozen, windy, chilly, blustery day of blue skies and snow fall at Perisher means one thing: its Parker season! So I bundle the babies up and head out the door for today we are meeting with Lisa and Desi at Inglis Park.

And even though my lips are chaffed from the bitter coldness, its far more pleasant to be out than have the twins stuck indoors. Even though they find the water fountain and dog bowl and splash about in it. Even though they piss their pants and I must wrestle with two slippery snakes trying to change them. Even though they toddle off in different directions. Even though when she doesn’t get her way she literally yanks at Keanu’s hair. Even though Kingsley is so violently playful with them I become alarmed…but they ask for more. Even though they both nearly choke from stuffing whole strawberries in their mouths.

They nap during our morning walk up to Randwick, mercifully. A good amount of morning play (plus these early morning wake ups) means they get tired quickly. Elektra easily puts herself to nap a bottle hanging from her mouth whereas Keanu needs my hand over his face. But today I didn’t do that, for I was chatting with Erroll stuck in Perth this his day 3 of quarantine. And lo, Keanu passes out all the way up to the shops.

Fast forward to getting home hungry, tired and dirty from playing at Inglis Park, all 4 of us pile into the shower and scrub with Dove till sparkling clean. How I manage to dry and dress all of us even I can’t understand but I do with Γιαγιά ready with a big plate of dinner feeding 3 hungry mouths attached to bodies in various states of undress. Getting nappies on the twins is becoming a hazardous job: they squirm and kick!

Right now its 9pm, the white noise “cat purring” sound along with a full tummy and a bottle of warm milk has taken the babies into a profoundly deep sleep.

Night 3 putting the babies to bed by myself