08-06-19 Kingsley: Training

Saturday 8th June 2019

Last night Elektra slept next to big brother Kingsley. Both kids snoring away. This morning I vaguely remember Kingsley waking due to needing a wee, sitting up in bed and absolutely thrilled, noticed me abd sis next to him. He’s so happy! But the wee is urgent and he’s off to find his father who for the first time since moving in to Coogee passes out in our big bed by himself.

2015 8th June – exactly 3 years ago

Kingsley leaves Elektra and I to sleep in while he is accompanied by daddy to training: first jiu-jitsu then tennis. Both individual sports, just Kingsley versus the world.

Its the footie he likes best though for the team spirit it creates in these highly competitive kids we’re rearing. During the winter Kingsley will be playing basketball something Dr. Eliades highly recommends for intense clever kids like our son. Training among a team will teach life skills which will put him in good stead for success in his kindy classroom.

As we agreed today: only gentle hands at school. No tackling and no wrestling. That’ll bring success in building friendship too.