Day 22: Just the Two of Us

Tuesday 8th March 2016

Even through all the injections I self administer and bitter pills I swallow, my day is brilliant because I get to spend it in its entirety with this chap, playing tourists in Dubai.

Today we discovered the fountains outside of the Armani Hotel, the water rapids that flow down to Burj Park, and a view of the Burj Khalifa that is extraordinary, set as it was among cool trees; welcoming birds of flight to its lofty height.

Today marked an easing into a more calm mindset for me. I still completed my required actions for the embaby to cling, however I enjoyed myself so fully that I forgot about our endeavours to give Kingsley a sibling. All I did was just enjoy my day, with just the two of us.

Taken by the height of Burj Khalifa

Taken by the height of Burj Khalifa