Aussie Holiday ’16/’17: Summer in Sydney

December 12th 2016 – February 2nd 2017

Having made the decision to spend summer in Sydney, it was near impossible to get us out of Sydney eight weeks later. However Erroll accomplished this for technical reasons only. You see Kingsley’s Dubai residency visa was expiring on 5th February and it would be a bureaucratic nightmare to allow it to lapse without renewing it on time. And so, Erroll booked us two seats to come home, on a surprise flight: his! You see Erroll was operating EK415 out of Sydney on 2nd February and we had two seats on that flight. We would be arriving into Dubai in time for Kingsley’s visa to be renewed and Erroll was to wait on us hand and foot during the flight. Bliss!

Here are some images of Kingsley’s experience in Sydney…