06-05-17 Ellinikös to Glyfăda

Saturday 6th May 2017

Heat has struck Greece and it being the weekend everyone is out and about. We too head out first with mum’s handyman Mr. Christos who does me a huge favour by driving us to the German equivalent of IKEA – Practiker. I am hooked here as is Kingsley. Purchases as gifts for mumma Dora: bathroom cabinet, kitchen and bedroom hooks plus ceiling fan/light for her kitchen. Only fair as she cooks gourmet every single day. Kingsley gets a book to add to his cute Greek collection To mikrö papāki děn thěli pipīla. 

Then we’re off to Ellinikös for an hours play at the local primary school which is open on Saturdays for Russian school. Its here that Dorötheos makes an instant mate with a wee fellow; they play hopscotch and follow one another doing the same thing the other does. At one point the little friend, who is leaning into his school backpack, shows Kingsley his card collection (Pokemon? Angry Birds?) He’s called to class that monent and asks Kingsley to guard his cards (fīlaxe tis kārtes mou). Well didn’t Linus take the task seriously: fully protecting the loot and backpack from a little girl who merely walked his way. Arms out, legs apart, back to the bag, feet placed near the cards and moving his stout body as the little girl appoached. She of course laughed it off but the owner of the cards at that moment came back and actually thanked Kingsley for keeping the cards safe. Kingsley proudly/solemnly/thrillingly replied parakalö.

Spent an hour at the Ellinikös Primary School today