Kingsley: Sociable

Saturday 7th June 2014

What a sociable, emotional little human you are developing into, Kingsley. An absolute delight to be around for both me and your dad and if I may speak the plain truth, everyone else who meets you. For you are generous with your smile and big gummy laugh especially to those faces who seem kind.

Now at six months of age you recognize those of us who are familiar to you and playtime is always on your agenda; you like to play with others (but especially me!). These days you respond to our emotions and are most often yourself such a chipper, happy soul.

I derive great satisfaction from placing you in front of a mirror. At first you wonder who that person is…then comes the wave of excitement, amusement and FUN! Hands thrown in the air then around my neck. A big giggle. Mouth open too. ITS YOU!

6 month of age today: 7th June 2014

6 month of age today: 7th June 2014

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