Good Food Diet Day 4 10Feb12

My hunger was raging in third gear today. No stopping it. Intermitted satisfaction, then BOOM! Hunger again. The frequent fruit stops at my office desk were doing nothing other than washing over a desire to eat for an hour or two, then a certain insatiability would do a slow crawl into my conscience. I ate alot today. But I know I ate well…

Seafood, Sashimi In SIngapore June 2011

Seafood, Sashimi In Singapore June 2011

Today’s Food Encounter (in no particular order)

5 x medium oranges ( 5 x 60 cal = 300 cal)

3 x medium apples ( 3 x 100 cal = 300 cal)

1 x plum ( 30 cal)

170 gram tub low fat yoghurt (150 cal)

100 ml soya milk (45 cal)

200 gram tub cottage cheese (210 cal)

50 gram gluten free seaweed crackers (755kj = 180 cal)

Sashimi: tuna, salmon, yellow fin (400 cal)

Cucumber & seaweed salad (70cal)

Miso Soup (60 cal)

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