13-01-21 Kingsley: Playdate Jesse

Wednesday 13th January 2021

By way of showing our thanks for taking Kingsley out all day yesterday for his birthday we invite Jesse to spend afew hours with us today. I’m keen for the beach as its glorious sunshine plus we’re sweating at home. And Elektra has already had her nap, plus I want to feel the sea!

So I bundle the boys out the door dressed in sun protection outfits meanwhile Elektra and I are in bikinis! We four adieu Erroll who is left holding the baby; we’re in need of Vitamin Sea!

At the southernmost flag we plonk and the boys throw themselves in immediately. News to me: Jesse can’t swim as yet, so he stays in the shallows. Kingsley loves the breaking waves and within 1 minute has the entire beach of sand in his hair.