30-03-20 Twins: Trampoline

Monday 30th March 2020

While Kingsley attends school (as the only child from 1S and one of only three year 1 students, the others being Lachie Shepard and Isaac) these two cuties are walked for hours by their dad. Hours they trudge the streets avoiding any contact or proximity of humans.

We’re deep into the Covid-19 pandemic so staying away from everyone and anyone, remaining low key and at most walking to Randwick, Coogee, the beach, Woolies. But we couldn’t help ourselves this arvo – as Erroll hangs out shooting hoops with Kingsley, the babies and I walk all the way to visit Marlen.

Their latest trick is to give each other hugs. But then Keanu pulls her hair. Elektra screams, he is oblivious. Today’s outfit: yellow headband by Kassandra, Bardot dress by Mary & Eva.