17-08-19 Twins: The Insane Saturday

Saturday 17th August 2019

Today’s beat is an insane one which starts at 6am then ends at 7:30pm on the dot with all three babies asleep and me nursing a low grade headache from dehydration and exhaustion. The pace has been this hectic ever since Erroll jumped in the car to fly afew days ago. And today’s madness hit a peak with the several activities we committed to.

By 6am Freudle hollerd, is hungry so most reluctantly I get out of Linus’ bed, hop in Erroll’s and give the boy boob. Kingsley of course won’t countenance staying in bed by himself so we all pile in. Freudle passes out, Kingsley and I moonwalk ever so carefully out to scoop TwinA up. Yes wee Elektra wants morning cuddles and without so much as water passing my lips I’m feeding two kiddies while preparing to get out of the house for jiu-jitsu.

We make it on time! Elektra is a dream, nota peep just boob please, she says. So I feed her among Kingsley’s class and she passes out from the magic potion. 353 transports us home and we begin round 2: preparing for Tennis.

Twin swap occurs: Elektra stays with Γιαγιά, Keanu comes with us but this champ dislikes falling asleep in the carrier. He cries and fusses but the power of a dummy over his mind I will never underestimate. He’s out and at 11:40am we climb onboard the 374 bound for the Entertainment Quarter and Teah’s 6th birthday party.

Here a new phenomenon: Keanu crying once he realised mumma isn’t holding him. Is this separation anxiety? Kingsley didn’t exhibit this so when class mums Kavita and Michelle hold him for me the tears roll after a while. Then his tiny squeaky voice makes me sweep him up into my arms. Of course I kiss my boy a million times. He’s so stinking cute.