11-08-20 Kingsley: Losing a Tooth

Tuesday 11th August 2020

My absolute joy of the month is bearing witness to Kingsley’s tooth falling out. It happened after school on our way home along Coogee Bay Road having stopped at the Caltex to examine what Kingsley actually ate for lunch today (one yoghurt squeezie, one apple, one Babybel cheese) when I proceed to scold him. An entire cheese and ham sandwich still cut in quarters and untouched!). So I force Kingsley to eat some. Little bites, I coax him with. Chewing he complains about this one wobbly tooth thatiis causing him pain. He’d actually shown me this tooth in the morning rush (as he chewed on apple) claiming it hurt.

Well fast forward to 3:24pm and out it falls! Between bites, out into his grubby hand. Its tiny and cute and finally out. Now the tooth faery will visit me he enthuses, then proceeds to call, in order: γιαγιά, μπαμπά, νονά.

At home γιαγιά stuffs a $10 note into the Tupperware storing the tooth. More $$ to come from the tooth faery he quips and under his pillow goes the tooth.

And so to rugby league training he goes toothless and pain free.