10-11-20 Kingsley: Baking

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Classroom presentation day today and Kingsley is prepared, has practices and is confident to enjoy his speech. You’re very good at helping me, mummy, Kingsley tells me this morning and after school when relaying just how well he did presenting his favourite recipe to 1S: chocolate brownies. You’re better than dad at this; and I wasn’t scared today. I liked it! Miss Sanzari told me I did very well, gave me two bee stickers and everyone ate a piece of my brownie. I got two pieces and Miss Sanzari took two pieces. Ha!

Baking creativity continued this afternoon with Jeremy’s impromptu visit. We’d promised Kingsley to help him make faux Christmas snow and with all the ingredients purchased and sitting on the kitchen bench, there was no excuse not to. So the lads mixed cheap shaving foam into a large bowl of corn flour, mix for ages add food colouring, kneed into a dough and viola! Cheery snow! (plus insane amount of sticky, coloured mess). Lots of joy though too. And that’s contagious.