13-02-18 Oz Day 23

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Our final day in Sydney is truly relaxing. Even though we wake early (before 7am, eghh) we’re both sprightly after 10 hours sleep. Plus Linus must go immediately to the loo.

I see Kath while Kingsley waters the garden with JiaJia. And then the excitement of visiting Coogee Public School. Walking into the grounds he’s enthusiastic and keen to explore, chatty. Once we’re in the office he becomes mute and eyes widen. Not a peep. Not even with ‘would you like to come to school?’ And ‘what’s your name?’ But soon he chills out and his little voice is heard with ‘yoopee!’ and by this stage the school principal, vice principal and various office staff are cheering him on.

That’s in the day. In the evening we’re on board EK Flight 414 bound for Dubai. Earphones are in and cartoons are on.  Three seats to ourselves. He sleeps after first service for 9 hours then when wakes asks for pizza.