01-08-19 Elektra: School Run

Thursday 1st August 2019

This morning’s cuddles are care of Elektra: she wakes me with her babbling mouth so I change her wet clothes and sopping nappy then look around to see Dorothea the cat curled up on the bed. The cat doesn’t budge. Kingsley bounds in school shoes and uniform on but he doesn’t care; under the covers he jumps. Elektra immediately starts smiling. Kingsley by far is her favourite face.

From γιαγια’ς room I hear Keanu; he’s calling for me! Oh those plump arms how they wrap around my neck! And that gummy smile which says ‘oh mumma I’m so happy you’re here. I love you! Thanks for coming to pick me up’  And pick him up I do, bring him to his waiting sister, tuck them both in then turn on greek cartoons.

Keanu prompty takes his afternoon nap so its Elektra who accompanies me to pick Kingsley up. In her bassinet at school Linus is proud to show her off, kiss his sister and do a dance to make her smile.

We four then head to Bondi Junction to see Oma and Scott.