31-10-20 Twins: Angela’s Forever 49 Party

Saturday 31st October 2020

With Elektra well rested from her day nap and Keanu desperate for sleep its a no brainer that Elektra stays with me to celebrate Angela’s Forever 49 Party, while Erroll takes Keanu for a long drive (and to nanni).

With Desi obsessing over Elektra and Kingsley fully submerged into a teenage boys’ life Hugh, Henry and their cousin from Waverley College playing computer games Kingsley is in prohibition heaven). And I drink champagne and West Coast Coolers for hours knowing all three kids are enjoying their surroundings.

Some noteworthy achievements: Elektra continues to let us know when she must do a poo, holding on wherever she happens to be until I carry her to the loo, take off her nappy and plonk her on the baby seat. Sure enough she goes. But wants to brush her teeth simultaneously. Keanu continues to point to where he wants me to take him, intonates what I’m to pick up for him and squeaks to talk to me. He makes more sense than many men I know. Oh and he experiences his first ever Halloween trick or treating, amassing a fist full of sour worms when Desi shows him the stash next door to Angela’s.