Kingsley: Ramadan Day 28

Sunday 27th July 2014

Day two indoors. And quite loving it! Kingsley and I have not stepped foot out the front door, and neither of us is complaining. For the temperature soars nowadays, in the height of a desert summer: fifty degrees centigrade is not uncommon in Dubai. And since we are not mall rats, and King dislikes the buggy, we are not venturing anywhere.

So its home comforts for us; no less than three naps during the day (I know! How decadent!!) and plenty of mealtimes, experimenting with flavours and textures and making a mess.

As for when Ramadan ends, the moon sighting committees of the UAE and Saudi Arabia are meeting at 9pm today to witness Shawwal moon. Astronomers predict that the holy month will end today and Monday, July 28, is the first day of Shawwal.

To mark the occasion of this the last day of Ramadan the tasty cuisine du jour is carrot pasta mash. A hit!

Pasta Carrot 004 Pasta Carrot 008 Pasta Carrot 010


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