14-07-17 Burjuman

Friday 14th July 2017

Its family day for the Hartleys! We’re all in Dubai the same time so its off for the staple of preschooler entertainment – a ride on the metro. We head to Burjuman because here in the air conditioned comfort of the mall is an almighty children’s garden. The line to get in is hours long so cheeky mummà slips Kingsley over the side for an hour of fun.

Erroll of course is mortified but accepts that nobody’s got time for hanging around an ever increasing queue. So he gives me the nod to go ahead…and hightails it to Costa Coffee.

Kingsley’s all over the soft sand pit and numerous cubbyholes but comes complaining to me that some kiddo bashed him in the stomach. Me and another mum suspect who the perpetrator is: a local boy ego stuffed with attitude. Kingsley asks me to handle it; to tell the boy not to hit but the kid’s slippery and out of sight, so Kingsley decides the children’s play area is lame and wants out. Now.

Its therefore family time so we all head upstairs to Magic Planet and watch with tears in our eyes as our Dirhams get flushed down the drain of dreadful rides and attractions. Our son is boundless in his happiness and I manage to feed him while we’re there, so mission accomplished – a fabulous family day Dubai styles.