Kingsley: Weekend You and I

Saturday 23rd August 2014

Its been just you and I at home this entire weekend, Kingsley. Oma Tina is back in Brisbane, your Bubaa is in Los Angeles with Granpa Mark and Granna Karen, and Jiajia Dora is still seabathing in the Aegean.

We have not been antisocial either, having paid Rio (and her two cats, Ali Bubba and Paws) a visit yesterday and today to Nadine (and her three kids Maggie, Ava and Carlos). You have been a soldier too, travelling in taxis bundled up in your car seat. Only five more working weeks till I am no longer obliged on Saturday night to prepare mentally for work the next day. We will have a ball once I am done with work darling, this I promise you. In the meantime, let me enjoy our attachment as much as possible, which means endless dress-ups in your new outfits, photos and many more visits to friends.

New outfit for the weekend

New outfit for the weekend

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