Kingsley: 15-2-14 Breast Best

Like all Eurozone countries, Greece takes very kindly to public displays of breastfeeding. Culturally, it is the norm and to be encouraged and applauded when ever a nursing mum offers the breast to a hungry baby. This too was my experience this week when Kingsley and I travelled to Athens for a week’s holiday – our boy’s very first international holiday.

Breastfeeding Kingsley at the best Loukoumi joint in Athens

Breastfeeding Kingsley at the best Loukoumi joint in Athens

It was during a break from touring Plaka and Monasteraki with one of my besties (Anthony, who happened also to be in Athens the same time as us) where we took refuge in the best Loukoumi bar in town, that hunger struck the child. Kingsley grizzled for a feed. Anthony ordered our refreshments. And as I sat sipping my chai, and Anthony munching on his chocolate-drizzled Loukoumia, I gave up the breast to the wide-eyed baby who merrily drank, then burped then drank some more.


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