10-04-18 Commuting

Tuesday 10th April 2018

Today Kingsley obsesses over band-aids (or as he knows them in Greek, chiröto). So much so that he carries this (empty) band-aid box from home, to the bus stop, on and off the 374 service to Randwick and all through the mall.

We commute these days…and happily so. Our bus drivers are chipper and always let me on even when my Opal Card is in the negative. Kingsley’s manners and social skills are enviable: without fail he greets the driver ‘hi driver! ‘ then when we alight and as he validates our ticket its ‘bye driver, thank you driver’ and a wave farewell.

At one point I was able to rid us of the band-aid box only when we three hit Bondi Junction and the free soft play outside Target. Bought the child a hot chocolate and I binned the box…