Kingsley: Fraser & Cece

Thursday 9th March 2017

Two years later, work friends Laura and I reunite at one of Dubai’s best children’s playgrounds. Its the first time our one, two and a three year olds meet for play, then to our delight sit at their own teddy bears picnic.

We have Cecily (1), Fraser (2) and Kingsley (3) all committed to a grand old time in the sunshine of Al Khazzan Park while us parents get busy with catching up. This is what our little treasures got up to throughout the day: Kingsley pushed Fraser, Fraser hit Kingsley, Cecily tantrumed when Laura dare stop her from running away. Then after parental reprimands, they surprised us by sitting quietly and happily to a picnic of rice crackers, apples, cookies, bananas and plenty of water.

The day went so smoothly that Laura and I committed to a play date for the same time next week! Go, kids!