09-09-20 Kingsley: Νονά’s Birthday

Wednesday 9th September 2020

With pride does NiNii present his beloved Νονά with a hand written card in both Greek and English this evening at her birthday party. He finds great satisfaction in writing birthday messages to loved ones and with some prodding, goes the extra mile with the Greek language. I write it first on a piece of paper then Kingsley carefully copies the Greek letters which form words, spending time on his handwriting, sounding out the Greek, finally finishing his sentiments with exclamation marks, kisses and hugs (X & O).

Next comes presenting Νονά with her wrapped gifts: a beauty face mask, a calming night cream and a cleanser. Right up her alley. Marlen is touched for Kingsley chose every one just for her. In exchange Kingsley receives two helpings of birthday cake and a bag full of Ooshies.

All that is fun however my favourite part of the day is walking home from school with my big boy. With huge smiles and a hug does he greet me at the school gate and no longer do I badger him to eat a banana and yoghurt while still near the school grounds (apparently yelling at him in Greek isn’t how we should roll, as ‘they speak English here in Australi,  μαμά!).