Kingsley: 4th Tooth

Thursday 25th September 2014

After the drama and tears of two sleepless nights, the pain has finally (thankfully) disappeared, and that all-smiling happy son I know has returned. For today I saw the reason for all the nighttime fussing: a fourth tooth! Grinding down from his top gum a tooth is making its way this past week. As it cuts through Kingsley cannot help but fuss, arch his back and cry in his sleep. And it is only during the night that he senses it.

Teeth slowly slide and twist their way through gum tissue. But sharp teeth pushing through sensitive gums do hurt, and babies protest. Kingsley protested so much these past few nights that I fed him Nurofen. Just three mils, down the gullet, tasty strawberry flavor making it a pleasant experience. Anything to put a smile back on this little bubba…

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