25-04-17 Saronic Islands & Mountains

Tuesday 25th April 2017

For today’s attempts at providing a strong supply of oxygen to the wee fighter I firstly take friend Macy’s advice: breathe in deeply at the beach. Thats my morning. Noon and through to 2:30pm I’m up the mountain – as high as the mansions are built; their panoramic views down to the Saronic Gulf breathtaking.

Aspirin is taken, prednisolone too, Kingsley’s off with the school bus abd my morning is ahead of me. Macy told me that pregnant women should take into their lungs a daily dose of breathable iodine. She told me that delicious, distinct and fresh smell is not sea salt nor fish or seaweed; its iodine. And its great for the health of a growing baby. This morning I breath in deeply.

Tiny uninhabited islands of the Saronic Gulf

By afternoon I was hankering for the mountains. I’d always desired to see exactly what is up the Saronītha mountains and how to get there was a mere question of my compliant feet. These chariots take me everywhere. And up to the ‘panörama of Saronītha’ they hiked my pregnant self. Almost sll the way up I meet a blonde blue eyed lady about my age, driving a manual hatchback. She stops her car, turns around and comes to greet me as I walk. She asks whether I’d like a lift down the mountain. No thanks I reply. This is my exercise. And before any self restraint kicked in I announce that ‘I’m PREGNANT!’

Welcome to the Panorama of Saronītha

Reminded myself of back when I carried the Seahorse, even the slightest opportunity presented itself for me to admit my pregnancy I was announcing it unabashedly. At the checkout ‘I’m pregnant’; on the metro ‘I’m pregnancy’; at the pool ‘I’m PREGNANT!’

How the wealthy live in Saronītha

So too today on the mountains of Saronītha. This lady’s Greek was perfect however I detected an accent. Turns out she is originally from Belgrade, fell in love with Greece and moved here 25 years ago. She too had kids here – twins, conceived in an Athens clinic via IVF! The interesting people you meet.

View from the panorama of Saronītha across the Saronic Gulf