12-10-20 Twins: Job Site

Monday 12th October 2020

No choice but to schlep the babies with me to Elizabeth Street early this morning for I have an appointment with our plumber James on the job site that will hopefully bring me rent so that I can pay off all this debt I’m accruing.

The babies do well in the pram watching Johnno the chippie work the IKEA kitchen then James and his boys with plumbing but are bored and hungry soon. Clever mumma brings a Thermos of warm pasta and a Tupperware of καρπούζι 🍉. Making a mess eating at least keeps them entertained and quiet. But soon they need to he released from their straps. They want OUT.

I’ve no choice but to plop them both amongst the saw dust then all I do next is manically sweep. Sweep it all up and break up twin fights. Elektra pulls Keanu’s hair when she wants whatever he has or just for good measure…as she strolls past him she yanks a tuft of hair. He’s inconsolable and she’s defiant.

This is how I passed the next 2 hours: sweeping and stopping fights!